Mine Planning and Design

OptiTek Mining Consulting Ltd. provides mining engineering services with focus on open pit mine planning and design. OptiTek offers value added professional services through design, optimization, and risk analysis of open pit mining and mineral processing operations. OptiTek offers expertise at scoping, prefeasibility, feasibility, and operational level in:

Resources and Reserves

Open Pit Optimization and Phase Design

  • The estimated or simulated geological block model is the input into this stage.
  • We use Whittle to generate optimal final pit-shells using LG algorithm
  • Analysis of sensitivity of final pit-shell to product price using revenue factors.
  • Phase and practical push-back design carried out with the nested-pits approach.
  • Phase and pushback design using OptiTek in-house optimization software.
  • Multiple slope regions with variable slopes based on your geotechnical data.
  • Multiple elements, multiple processes, cut-off or cash-flow based ore selection.
  • Variable mining and processing costs, capacities, and throughput.
  • Detailed reporting of tonnes, grades, value and costs by pit shell, rock type, and process path.

  • Maximize profit
  • Understand the potential value of the deposit
  • Establish the economic viability of the deposit
  • Assess options for capital investment and development strategies
  • Identify preferred development strategy and capital investment
  • Ascertain final probable and proven reserve statement for the deposit
  • Analyze expected return on investment, sensitivities and investment risk

Strategic Integrated Mine Planning

Geological and Grade Uncertainty Quantification

  • Geological uncertainty always exists in presence of sparse geological data
  • Conditional simulation is a geostatistical technique used to assess geological uncertainty
  • We use equally probable block models generated by conditional simulation to quantify geological uncertainty
  • The geological uncertainty is transferred into pit outlines and long-term mine plans
  • Minimize value at risk of uncertain pit shells, cash-flow profkile, and production targets
  • Monte Carlo simulation is used to iteratively recalculate equally likely outcomes
  • The outcomes of the project such as tonnes, grades, discounted cash flows are presented as distributions