Technical Services

Mine Planning & Design

We provide mining engineering services with focus on mine planning and design. We offer expertise at scoping, prefeasibility, feasibility, and operational level in:

Data Analytics & Visualization

We can assist you with data analytics of your mobile equipment data and processing plant historian to proactively manage your assets, mitigate risk, and optimize your operations

Data-driven mine & plant simulation

We build simulation models of large-scale mining and processing operations, which are validated within 3% percent accuracy of historical production data.

INdustrial strength  simulation modeling

We have expertise in combining discrete event simulation modeling with optimization modeling to provide industrial strength decision making tools to our clients.

Mine Planning and Design

Integrated strategic Mine planning & Design

Mine planning and design is one of our core competencies. We use in-house developed strategic planning optimization tools along with state-of-the-art industry packages such as Whittle, XPAC,MineSched, MineMax, and Gems to deliver high quality practical mine plans to your business. With our recommendations you can be sure your business will reach marked goals. 

short-term mine planning

We will assist you to establish an alignment mechanism between the long-term mine plans and short-term production scheduling stages. so that the strategic objectives of the mining operation would be realized as planned. You will be able to generate practical and near optimal short-term mine plans in a reasonable time frame that would have practical merit. . Achieve high-level of mine plan compliance across different time horizons.


Data Analytics and Visualization

Fleet Management Systems

We have experience with all FMS data and algorithmic logics from Modular DISPATCH to Lecia Jigsaw, Wenco, and Pitram.

Processing Plant Historians

Optimize processing plant throughputs by data analytics and understanding bottlenecks. Predictive failure models of your down stream assets based on your historians.

High Precision GPS Data

Improve truck-shovel tonne per gross operating hours productivity curves accuracy and predictivity using advanced business intelligence techniques.

Improve your Business Strategies!

Industrial Strength Simulation Modeling


We have a high level of expertise in using discrete event simulation and optimization models in conjunction of each other. We have the experience and knowledge of building, verifying, validating, and deploying industrial strength simulation models with high level of accuracy for our clients.

Simulation could be used as an analysis tool for predicting effect of changes to the existing system or as a design tool to predict performance of new system under varying conditions. Therefore, simulation modeling could be a powerful tool both at the investment stage as well as operational stage.

Our Services

OptiTek Mining Consulting Ltd. provides mining engineering and simulation modeling services and training. We offer value added professional services through design, data analytics, simulation, optimization, and risk analysis of mining and industrial systems.