Discrete Event Simulation

We have a high level of expertise in using discrete event simulation and optimization models in conjunction of each other. We have the experience and knowledge of building, verifying, validating, and deploying industrial strength simulation models with high level of accuracy for our clients. Simulation could be used as an analysis tool for predicting effect of changes to the existing system or as a design tool to predict performance of new system under varying conditions:

Why Simulation Modeling

Steps of a Simulation Study for our Clients

  • Needs identification and analysis – commencement meeting
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis and probability distribution fitting and modeling
  • Prepare assumptions document
  • Present a structured walk-through of the assumptions document to the key personnel
  • Build a valid, credible, and appropriately detailed simulation model of the system
  • Verify the simulation model
  • Make pilot runs and validate the model against existing system historical data
  • Experimental design and analysis of simulation runs and new scenarios
  • Document, present and use results
  • Training program for client’s engineers